As a favorite of ag operators for years, the Thrush 510GR has a legendary history of high performance. It’s little wonder since the time-tested Honeywell TPE331 engine gives operators the kind of cost-saving benefits other ag pilots can only imagine. They include fewer costly overhauls, lower maintenance costs and a lower specific fuel consumption, making it one of the most economical airplanes of its kind in the world. Combine that with higher working speeds, a quieter cockpit and 940 horsepower on tap, and it’s easy to see why the 510GR is the obvious choice for nearly any operation.


  • Unmatched stability and control
  • 365 square feet of wing area
  • Wire strike protection is standard
  • MVP-50 glass panel cockpit display
  • Powder-coated airframe
  • 29,000 hour wing spar life
  • Rugged 18ft long stainless steel belly skins
  • Chromate chemical conversion on each aluminum part
  • Stress relief of all stress steel parts including engine mount, wing attach tubes and landing gear attach point
  • Stainless steel cam locks, studs and grommets
  • Premium purchases parts
  • Best warranty in the business: 1 year on all Thrush manufactured parts
• Length 32 feet 10 inches 10 meters
• Height 9 feet 4 inches 2.84 meters
• Wing Span 47 feet 6 inches 14.47 meters
• Wing Area 365 square feet 33.9 square meters
•Tread  Width  9 feet 2.74 meters
• Fuel Capacity 228 gallons 863 liters
• Empty Weight 4,950 pounds 2,245 kilograms
• Typical Operating Weight 10,500 pounds 4,763 kilograms
• Hopper Capacity (Dry) 66 cubic feet 1.87 cu. meters
• Hopper Capacity  
  (Liquid spray system)
510 gallons 1930 liters
• Working Speeds 90-150 mph 145-241 kph
• Stall Speed as Usually Landed 57 mph 92 kph
• Never Exceed Speed 159 mph 256 kph
• Sea Level Rate of Climb at 6,000 lbs 1,500 fpm 457 mpm
• Sea Level Rate of Climb at 10,500 lbs 750 fpm 228 mpm
• Take-Off Distance at 10,500 lbs 1,530 feet 466 meters
• Landing Distance as Usually Landed 600 feet 182.8 meters
• Landing Distance as Usually Landed
400 feet 121.9 meters
• Fuel Consumption 50-55 gph 189-208 lph
• Cruising Speed at 55% Power 150 mph 241 kph
• Ferry Range at 45% power a
  135 mph at 7,500 feet
770 miles 1,238 kilometers

Note: Performance figures calculated for Garrett (Honeywell) TPE 331. Option of GE or Pratt & Whitney power plants available. All specs are preliminary and subject to change.

Our 510GR is equipped with a 940 horsepower Honeywell TPE 331 turboprop engine, four blade 108 inch constant-speed Hartzell propeller; 510-gallon fiberglass hopper; 300-amp starter/generator, spray system with 41-inch stainless steel gatebox for dry applications (seeding and fertilizer) and emergency liquid dump capabilities; MVP-50T glass panel display; PPG paint; two-inch stainless steel spray system; five-blade Weath-Aero cockpit adjustable fan; three-inch side loader; streamlined aluminum booms; wingtip navigation and strobe lights; 228-gallon fuel system, windshield wiper and washer, outside air temperature gauge;  Hooker Harnesses; 29-inch-high flotation tires and wheels with dual caliper Cleveland brakes; and an air conditioner.

  • The Thrush 510GR is available with the following optional airframe equipment installed at the factory: vortex generators, fire extinguisher, single-point refueling, and a ferry fuel system.
  • The following dispersal equipment are also available as options: smoker, stainless steel spreader, Transland hydraulic fire gatebox, electric fan brake 111F, hopper rinse system, stainless steel booms, hopper level indicator, and CP nozzles.
  • And, every 510GR has the following optional instruments, electrical, and avionics installations available as well: Left and right wing landing lights, night working light, leading edge light, clock, map light, turn & bank indicator, vertical speed indicator, directional gyro, artificial horizon, laser altimeter, transponder with blind encoder, high frequency radio, and emergency locator transmitter. Also available are Garmin GPS/VHF/650 Comm, and Garmin Nav/Comm radios.