Second-hand aircraft that are second to none.

If your current budget rules out a brand new Thrush, welcome to plan B. Our dealers have a selection of pre-owned Thrush aircraft that they have taken in on trade – and have thoroughly inspected. Operators who upgrade their equipment regularly tend to take very good care of their aircraft, so we’ve created an opportunity for you to purchase these carefully selected pre-owned aircraft directly from our dealers– and do so with the comfort of knowing that even with a second-hand Thrush, you can still expect to get first-rate quality.

What makes a good second-hand Ag Aircraft?

  • Aircraft traded-in for a new Thrush through our network of dealers and partners
  • Logbooks reviewed to ensure no abnormalities.
  • Any applicable component warranties are reviewed and transferred to the new owner
  • Thrush factory training for a mechanic is included with every Thrush Aircraft purchased

Dealer Pre-Owned Inventory

Here’s a listing pre-owned aircraft currently in our dealers' inventories. For more information about any of these aircraft simply call the number next to the listing, or stop by any of our dealers for a test flight.