There’s something new in the air at Thrush.


From new leadership to improved product development to a renewed passion for building the industry’s best spray planes, Thrush Aircraft is quickly establishing a higher standard of expectation for customers worldwide, and backing it up it with the best products, service and support in the business.

Formed in 2003, Thrush Aircraft Incorporated carries on an impressive tradition begun 40 years earlier by its predecessors Rockwell International and the Ayres Corporation. It’s a tradition of unmatched quality and unprecedented innovation within agricultural aviation—from certifying the first turbine-powered ag aircraft, to designing, certifying and building the first dual-cockpit/dual control ag plane. Every Thrush aircraft is built to keep pilots safer while making them more productive.

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We stock a wide variety of replacement parts for existing Thrush and we also do custom work for unique circumstances


We never want you to take to the air without the absolute best, safest equipment and the latest in news and information.


We don’t stop at just providing you with the best aircraft, we help get you trained by the best in the industry