Changes at Thrush will bring new organization and increased capability

2019-08-29 12:33:28


(Albany, Georgia) After a record-setting start to the year, Payne Hughes, president and CEO of Thrush Aircraft announced today that the company will be bringing new leadership to the company – along with a financial reorganization that will allow Thrush to increase its capabilities and to continue producing and supporting even more of its legendary airplanes around the world.  

As an initial part of this restructuring, the company is today laying off some of its workforce, as it reconfigures itself for increased success ahead. It is anticipated that these layoffs will be temporary, and as the company becomes stronger during this restructuring, that much of the company’s workforce will be returning to their jobs.

Thrush is continuing production and deliveries of new airplanes on schedule while the restructuring for growth is underway.

“Payne Hughes brought our company unheard of levels of innovation and success these past many years” said Eric Rojek, vice president of Thrush “and it is a great privilege for the company to now carry-on our tradition of building, delivering and supporting the best agricultural airplanes in the world today. This reorganization and fresh leadership will allow us to continue to put our customers first and help them lead the way in productivity with their aircraft in every application – from spray work to fire fighting.”

Mr. Hughes added: “The past thirteen years leading Thrush has been the highlight of my career, and I am very grateful for the relationships we’ve established and the success we’ve gained. Most of all, I’m very grateful to our employees, whose skills and dedication have allowed this small Georgia company to produce the best airplanes in the industry – and to support them with the highest levels of care. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to now pass the baton to new leaders, as I know they are well-prepared to take the company to the next level.” 

Under the new leadership, a financial reorganization is also being put in place – which the company expects to yield significantly improved results and, to clear the way for and for several new aircraft programs to be completed and brought to market, including the new Thrush 710P Fire Bird firefighting aircraft. 


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Thrush Aircraft is changing to new leadership and undergoing an internal restructuring increase its capabilities and position itself for future growth.  


About Thrush Aircraft Company

Headquartered in Albany, Georgia, Thrush Aircraft manufactures a full range of aerial application aircraft used in agriculture, forestry and firefighting roles worldwide. Founded in 2003, Thrush is well-known for building the most durable aircraft in the aerial application industry, as well as the best flying – from both pilot and operator perspectives. All Thrush models provide superb visibility, light control response, and a high degree of maneuverability and speed, along with superior efficiency and low direct operating costs. Today there are more than 2,400 Thrush aircraft operating in some 80 countries around the world.