Thrush Aircraft 2nd Q Newsletter

2014-06-06 08:56:50


The cold fronts have passed. The clouds have disappeared. And we can hear the tree frogs chirping away in the nearby streams. Summer has arrived! And not a moment too soon, as it was a colder winter than we have seen here in Albany for many years. 

I'm proud to say our factory didn't miss a beat, however, and the amazing team members we have - from fabrication, to assembly, to flight test, worked through it all to ensure every Thrush was delivered right on time, despite the blustery conditions across our home state. But winter is only a memory now, and it is great to see our local operators in the air virtually every morning and evening - servicing customers as the growing season gets completely underway.

In addition to new deliveries to operators getting ready for the season our team here at the factory has been busy with on-going development of the new 510G Switchback air tanker, as well as with tweaks and improvements across the entire product range. In that regard, if you haven't seen our new Aspen Avionics glass cockpit, give Eric Rojek a call and ask for a quick tour. It really is a perfect example of the innovation we continue to strive for on behalf of our customers.

Speaking of calling, don't ever hesitate to give our support team a ring, or drop them an email, if you need assistance getting your aircraft ready for the season - or just have a question that's been simmering during the last few months. Either way, we're happy to help, and we always enjoy staying in touch to ensure you're getting the assistance you need to have your best and most productive season ever.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued business and for your support - and have a great summer ahead.

What's on your mind? (We'd like to know)

Thrush operators - we'd like to hear from you! Customer feedback is a key part of our design and support process - as finding out what's important to you provides a critical link between the factory and everyday operations in the field. Simply put, knowing how we can better meet your needs allows us to focus on exceeding them. Your feedback is a critical part of that process, as it helps us make on-goig improvements to our products, and to the services we provide.

To make it as easy as possible to share your thoughts, we've just added a comment box on the home page of our website.

By clicking on the "We'd Like to Hear From You" button, you can let us know how we might serve you better - or if there's a challenge you're facing that we might be able assist you with. It is an easy way to reach out - and we can guarantee every comment will be read and responded to as quickly as possible here at the factory.

This is just one more way of ensuring we continue to improve the way we design and build the best aircraft in the business. And that we consistently surround them with a level of service and support that will help you stay at the very top of your game every time you fly. This has always been our promise - and now, with our website's new feedback feature, we can do an even better job of keeping it.

Juan Phillips steps up - and into a great new position

We are very proud to announce we have strengthened our sales, service and support presence in Central and South America with the addition of Juan Phillips as our new Vice President of International Sales. Central and South America have both seen remarkable growth these past few years and, with Juan's leadership and experience, we will now be able to ensure we continue to keep pace with the growing number of Thrush customers in the region.

Juan's coming on board allows us to provide additional boots-on-the-ground resources in this vibrant territory. His new position will bring him close to local operators and pilots, and to deliver on-site training to ensure efficient and safe operations for current and future Thrush operators there.

Juan comes to Thrush from Africair, and brings a total of over 20 years of experience in ag aviation in a variety of sales, training, and product support roles. He holds both IA and A&P ratings, which gives him a unique ability to serve clients from multiple perspectives - from direct sales in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru - to oversight of our service and support network across the continent.

Over the years, Juan has been a true partner and friend to Thrush - and we are honored to now call him a colleague, as well. He can be reached at 786-702-9098 or:

Agricultural Aviation Scholarship - renewed for 2015

Last year as you may know - recognizing the growing need for new agricultural aviation pilots worldwide, we worked with Women In Aviation to create the Thrush Agricultural Aviation Scholarship program. The response was overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that we have decided to renew the program again this year.

Andrea Coppick of Idaho was the 2014 winner, and she will be undertaking her training at Flying Tigers later this fall. Now, we'd like to offer the same opportunity to other upcoming pilots like Andrea in the year ahead.

If you're not familiar with Women In Aviation (WIA), they have over 9,000 members and are dedicated to promoting the flying careers of both women and men around the globe. The Thrush Agricultural Aviation Scholarship awards $10,000 to a winning candidate to be used to further their training and flying of agricultural aircraft. The scholarship will be awarded in March 2015 and we could not be more excited to be a part of it.

Here's a quick summary of the rules: Applicants must be a member of Women In Aviation, a U.S. Citizen, have a commercial pilot certificate with tail-wheel endorsement at the time the scholarship is awarded, and be willing to complete the final step in their transition and orientation training on location at Thrush Aircraft. All of the training must be conducted in the United States. Scholarship funds are to be used for approved flight training and course materials, and may be used for travel to and from the flight training location, and to Thrush Aircraft during the training period. On-going reports of training progress will be required, and the training is to be completed within twelve months.

If you or someone you know might be interested in applying for this unique opportunity, they should submit a 500-word essay outlining their career ambitions, goals, and current qualifications to the Women in Aviation Scholarship Award Committee. Good luck to everyone who applies, and here's to a whole new crop of ag aviators!

It is a great privilege for all of us here at Thrush to be your aircraft supplier of choice - and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. Thank you for your continued business and for your support - and know that you've got the world's greatest team of ag aircraft engineers, builders and technicians behind you every time you fly. Have a great season ahead, fly safely, and come see us one day soon.

With very best regards,