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Thrush Summer Tour

Leaders promote their industry – that’s why Thrush has created a new marketing campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of agricultural aviation, and the vital role it plays in expanding the world’s food supply. The “Ag Aviation - Feeding the World” campaign has also been designed to build appreciation for the job ag pilots and their aircraft do to put more food on more tables every day.

Those of us in the business may take it for granted – but an increasingly hungry planet simply can’t, as population growth combined with economic challenges is putting tremendous pressure on farmers to produce more from the ground they have. Ag aviation can help.

Highlighting the campaign is a new, dual-cockpit Thrush 510G – which will be used to give hands-on flight demonstrations as we take our message on tour this summer – beginning at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. Additional stops are planned in multiple states, with open houses at Thrush Dealers and Service Centers across the country. Here’s an initial list of Open House locations and dates:

Air Venture – Oshkosh, WI
ASI - Hutchinson, MN
North Star Aviation – Ulysses, KS
Landry Aero – Esterwood, LA
Air Repair – Cleveland, MS
Mid Continent – Hayti, MO
Souther Field – Americus, GA
Sunbelt Ag Expo – Moultrie, GA

July 25 – July 31st
September 7th
September 12th
September 27th
September 29th
October 3rd
October 11th
October 18 – 20th


Please come see us – and celebrate the job ag aviation does – not to mention try out the new Thrush 510G in your own operating environment. We think you’ll be impressed.

And don’t forget that, as demand for ag aviation grows, so does the need for more pilots. Ag flying is a highly demanding job requiring advanced classroom and flight training – as well as certification – not to mention a strong desire to be a part of aviation that truly helps others. It’s not for everyone. But, if someone you know has the qualifications and desire, along with a willingness to work very hard, it’s a career opportunity unlike any other. And one they can bank on.

Have them visit with our pilots at one of our Summer Tour open houses, and we’ll be glad to tell them more.

And for additional information on the Feeding the World campaign, or to learn more about our aircraft, contact Eric Rojek at or 229.789.0437.