To Build the Best Aircraft,

We Built the Best Team

Mark McDonald President & Chief Executive Officer

Mark is an accomplished aerospace executive with a vast array of experience. He became Chief Executive Officer of Thrush Aircraft in 2019 and has led the company’s successful relaunch into the agricultural and firefighting markets. Prior to joining Thrush, Mark consulted for airlines, private equity groups, and financial firms. He has also served as Chief Executive Officer of EDAC Technologies which manufactures components for aircraft engine OEMs, as well as Chief Operating Officer for both the Civil Aerospace division of Rolls-Royce, and later for the Energy division of the company. Before joining Rolls-Royce, Mark served in a number of increasingly responsible roles with AAR Corporation and with GE’s Aircraft Engine division. Mark’s proven vision, leadership skills and ability to bring positive change to complex organizations has positioned Thrush well for the future.

Clint Hubbard Chief Financial Officer

A graduate of Wake Forest University, Clint brings a wealth of executive and financial leadership experience to Thrush. He led Marglen Industries, a $100 million carpet manufacturer in a variety of increasingly large roles, including as the company’s president. Following Marglen’s consolidation with Beaulieu Group, Clint became Chief Administrative Officer of the new entity which grew to some $1 billion in revenue and over 6,000 employees. He also served as Relationship Manager to the company’s largest customer, The Home Depot. Later, Clint became a partner in Home Legend and, during his time there, the company grew from $50 million to over $150 million. As Chief Financial Officer of Thrush, Clint plays a vital role in oversight and assurance of the company’s stability and ability to grow across all markets.

John Graber Board Member

John’s aerospace background includes leading companies from $75 million to $1.3 billion in revenue. He has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Aviation Holdings, President of CHC Helicopter, and president of ABX Air. Prior to running airlines and MRO organizations, John flew medevac helicopters and airplanes in the United States Army and, in addition, taught on Boeing equipment as an airline instructor pilot. His prior background also includes worldwide flight operations and teaching Human Factors to flight crew members and serve as a medevac helicopter pilot in Iraq. John holds an MBA with honors from the University of Notre Dame.

Kevin Pierce VP of Sales Support and Services

Kevin grew up just 20 miles from the Thrush factory in Albany, Georgia. He identifies well with many of our customers as he has planted and harvested corn, peanuts, cotton, soybeans and today owns a small pecan orchard. He started his aviation career as a builder for Maule Aircraft prior to joining Thrush in 2008. At Thrush, Kevin began his work on the pre-final line, then control surfaces, rigging and installation – and eventually started performing the aircraft weight and balances, engine run-ups, prop balances and final assembly. In 2016, Kevin became a full-time member of the Customer Assurance and Support team and has risen to become VP of Sales Support and Services, worldwide. In this role, Kevin oversees our on-site FAA Repair Station, Spares Support, Training, Technical Support and the Warranty Department. In addition, his work has taken him to some 35 countries supporting and training customers for Thrush.