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Take off with a Thrush and see your business do the same.

For decades, Thrush has been building the safest, best-performing application aircraft in the world. We haven't had an airframe airworthiness directive from the FAA in over a decade. Superior stability in flight, especially in turns, means less work and less fatigue for the pilot. Thrush uses a robust 4-step corrosion resistance process to protect the aircraft from harsh chemicals, helping to ensure the aircraft will be around for the next generation of aerial applicators.

510P  Aircraft Photo

510P: The Legend

For generations, Thrush's 510P Aircraft have been flying safely and productively across fields and fires worldwide. Our strong and reliable airframe, built with quality, safety, and performance in mind, with a PT6-34AG and a 3 blade Hartzell prop.

510P2  Aircraft Photo

510P2: State of the Art Meets Tried and True

We have taken all the recent technological, aerodynamic, and operational improvements on our airframe and combined them with the most dependable engine, period. We are proud to introduce the 2nd generation of the 510P, the new 510-P2. With our more balanced and aerodynamic engine mount assembly, our incredible 60,000 hour life-limited wing spar caps, and our larger baggage compartment, all married to the Pratt and Whitney PT6-34AG engine with a higher-performing 4 bladed Hartzell prop out front.

510P2  Aircraft Photo

510P2+: Built for Performance

Short strips, high altitudes, and hot days are no problem for the brand new 510P2+. With all of the same advances and improvements of the 510P2, but with the extra performance and power that you need, day in and day out. Now with a PT6-140AG and a 4 bladed propeller installed on the best version of the Thrush 510 Airframe, this aircraft can handle anything.

710P Aircraft Photo

710P: Strength and Stability

Thrush's 710P is large enough to tackle the big jobs, but still just the right size to get in and out of those tough fields. With continuous improvements to the previous T660 design, Thrush is making big things happen on our new and improved 710P.

This aircraft comes with a variety of Pratt and Whitney engine options including the PT6-60AG, -65AG, and the -67AG, all mated with a Hartzell 5 blade propeller.

710P  Aircraft Photo Firebird

Fire Bird: More Fight for Firefighters

The Thrush Fire Bird is designed to climb faster, handle better, work harder and get you home safely each night. Because we believe that whether you’re spraying row crops or battling wildfires, you deserve an aircraft that fights as hard as you do. With multiple gate installation options on both the larger and smaller versions of our airframes, you get exactly the aircraft you need, with exactly the right gate for any fight.