Thrush Culture

There’s a passion for building great aircraft in Albany, Georgia and it’s only getting stronger.

We hold ourselves to high expectations as described in our Company Culture Statement :

  1. We will make and keep commitments.
  2. We will maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. We will not lie or bend the truth. Compliance counts, and we will follow the rules- all the rules.
  3. We will work safely and produce a safe product.
  4. We will respect each other and treat each other with dignity, regardless of position within the company. We will extend this respect to our customers, suppliers and communities.
  5. We are all in this together. The needs of the team come first. We will do what is right regardless of our personal desires.
  6. We will always strive for excellence in everything we do. There are times we will fail but not because we didn't give our best efforts.
  7. We will be customer-focused and will deliver superior value to those we serve.
  8. We will be entrepreneurial and ready to embrace change, pursuing opportunities to expand our market presence, industry relationships, products and services.
  9. We will continuously improve- as individuals and as a team.
  10. We will be good stewards. We will protect our assets, including our employees, our relationships, and our reputation.
  11. We wilI come to work with hearts, minds and spirits engaged. We will have fun winning.